Monday, April 5, 2010

America's Next Top Models

Okay so I know it's been all of 2 seconds since my last post, but I couldn't wait to share. I was able to receive a sneak peek from our Family Photo Shoot last Friday and am completely excited about the end results. I must say, I know my girls love to take picks, but they were literally a mess on Friday. Every half second they were posing for the camera, it was supposed to be a laid back action type shoot. They were what I have named them "Pose-ographers" for every step we took they had a new pose that they wanted to do and expected to be taken. I have to give big props to Mrs. Keyla Jones of "Simple Moments of Grace" she was the bomb and took it all in stride. Check out our shoot, click on the link below.

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Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE the photos!! Can't wait to see more!!! Love y'all!!