Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Peace

Xavier is the new owner of his very own professional drum set. He has been filling our house with his joyful noise. Currently it's midnight and his sleep so I am enjoying the sweet peace that his slumber brings. Quite time will be far and few in between now that he has those drums. I plan on enjoying it every chance I get. Check him out!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long Overdue

Completely glad I can't be fined like the library does when you have overdue books. I'm way past overdue to follow-up with the Harris Clan. As evident by the widget to the right that is now showing my son is 2 years, 5 months and 4 days old. We have just been super busy. Today we celebrated the life of Willa Dee Mills and at 93 I can say she lived a long and full life. It is bittersweet, as much as I know that she is at peace and the relief I feel, not just for her, but myself, I miss her. It is hard work being a persons primary care giver. I would give just about anything to see her eyes light up, like they did whenever my son entered the same room as her or just to hear her call him Prince one more time. I believe he is the sole reason that she was here as long as she was. She absolutely loved her some Xavier and even if she couldn't say his name, you couldn't tell her that he wasn't her baby. I hope to my do my best to honor her memory, by making sure that her little prince excels in the areas of music. I have to cut it short, hope to get back on here sooner than later.