Thursday, May 21, 2009

Xavier, Xavier, Xavier

I know this was supposed to be a family blog and it's practically turned into all about Xavier instead. For now he is the most exciting of us all. I know I mentioned he recently cut teeth so now it's all about what he can put into his mouth and chew on. He is constantly drooling and I can't tell you how many bibs we go through on a daily basis. He is also completely mobile now. He want get up on all fours to crawl he just basically slids around on his belly. He is going to have some really strong arms. I can't believe he will be 8 months old on Monday. By the way, just in case anyone forgot or didn't know, Monday just happens to my B-day too.

We had our first mishap with Jazlyn and the glasses. Thankfully she didn't break them she only lost them for about a week before I even noticed. Pray she gets better, if nothin but for my sanity.

On another note La Juan and I are headed on vacation in 36 days. We will be traveling to Cabo San Lucas with friends and we ask that you all pray for our safe travel to and from. I can't wait to leave. It is definitely a much needed break.

Well school is almost out and Summer break is around the corner. Please pray for my sanity as I get ready to deal with all 3 children everyday morning and night. Xavier is so laid back but those girls are a different story. They are headed to camp next weekend with their girl scout troop. I hope they have tons a fun and I can't wait for the mini-break. Well that all for now folks.

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